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Technical Risotto


The base of the risotto is almost always the same and includes roasting (tostatura), baking (cotturaand creaming (mantecatura): these are the steps for a true risotto!

To make risotto, put two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil in the pot, finely chopped onion (the sauce must never exceed the size of the rice grain) and bake without burning the onion. Add rice (four or five tablespoons to a person) and "toast it", that is cook rice without liquids, so as to cling to the outer coating and favor the starch release that will give risotto creaminess. Roasting should last until we feel hot between your fingers. At this point blend with red or white wine sometimes alcoholic depending on the type of risotto, to degrade the toasted rice and add boiling meat broth if it is a meat risotto, vegetable broth in case of a vegetable risotto (but it is not indisputable: you can use what you want) and a fish cartoon (or fish stock) if it is a fish risotto. If risotto includes meats and / or vegetables or fish, these are preferably added to half cooked, cooked.

Continue stirring until it is cooked, then turn off and rinse it with butter and the most suitable cheese (if it is not a fish risotto): the butter must be cold, even iced to stop the cooking. Stir until melting. Cover the pot and let it rest for a few minutes before serving.

The pot should not be tight and of adequate height
The rice must be Arborio, Carnaroli or Dwarf Vialone
The rice should not be washed
The broth must always be cramped
The risotto should be served in cold dishes to stop the cooking
The risotto should never be heated: if it is used to use it timballi or other recipes