Open ravioli with scallops and ginger


Very carefully remove the scallops from their shells and coral from the scallops. Both brown over medium heat for a few minutes with 20 gr. of butter, then sprinkle with half a glass of white wine. Pepper lightly. Remove clams from the pan and keep aside. Restrict the cooking liquid and add 150 gr. of butter and a tablespoon of grated ginger to cool. Chop the coral to the knife and add to the sauce.

Make lasagna (or buy) by incorporating these in the middle of a parsley leaf and cook in salted water a little at a time. Drain and dry on a towel.

Serve: put a bit of sauce, so the first lasagna, cut the scallops lengthwise and place the halves on lasagna (even more than one); sprinkle with sauce, cover with lasagna decorated with parsley leaf, sprinkle with the sauce. The problem is the temperature: you have to warm up in microonde.Per 4 people


SCALLOPS n. 4(8)
GRATED GINGER tablespoon 1
BUTTER gr. 170