INGREDIENTS (pan of 24/26 cm in diameter)


SHORT CRUST PASTRY gr. 600  link for recipe
SUGAR gr. 250  
EGGS n. 3  
EGG YOLK n. 1  
COOKED WHEAT gr. 240  see bottom for recipe
MILK gr. 80  
BUTTER gr. 20  
ORANGE FLOWER WATER tablespoon 1  
CINNAMON pinch 1  


CONSIDERATIONS. I put less sugar: original recipe calls for 350 grams. Candied pumpkin should 1/3, 1/3 orange, 1/3 normal: I used only normal candied fruits. Cinnamon is optional. Original recipe calls for sheep ricotta cheese, I used cow ricotta cheese.

Roll out the shortcrust pastry between two sheets of baking paper, up to a diameter greater than the pan, in order to cover the interior walls.


Roll out the shortcrust pastry in the pan: no butter, because butter mixture.


In a saucepan put the cooked wheat, milk, butter and the grated zest of a lemon.



Sift or whisk the ricotta cheese



Add sugar, eggs, egg yolk, cream of wheat, orange flower water and cinnamon. Mix well.


Pour the mixture up to a half inch from the edge; leveling.


Place the strips, slightly oblique to each other; do the edges.





Bake at 200 degrees until cooked short crust pastry. The dough will tend to swell, but then deflates; cooked is dark in color. Sprinkle with plenty of icing sugar.



(*) If you do not find the cooked wheat packed, get the wheat grain, preferably soft, it's good enough that hard. Leave it in a bowl for 3 days and remember to change the water in the morning and evening. Then drain and rinse under running water and, when it is properly cleaned, put it to cook. For 500 gr. wheat just a pot with 5 liters of water, high heat until boiling. Then lowered the flame and cook for about an hour and a half without ever turn. When cooked, add salt to taste and drain. To make the cakes of wheat, of course, the salt does not go aggiunto.Questa cooking is valid for the preparation of all recipes made from wheat. The cooked wheat can be stored in the refrigerator for about a week. At the time of use, to prepare the desired recipe, bring the boiling water, soak the corn and boil for about 5 minutes.