Aspic of ham mousse


Place the container in the freezer: if the container and the ingredients (except the mousse) are cold will adhere better.

In the mixer put the ham cut into dice, robiola cheese, marsala wine, salt and pepper; Chop until a homogenous cream is obtained.

Making the jelly broth; When it is cold, create a veil on the inner walls of the container and adhere to the decorative ingredients. Put the container back in the refrigerator until jelly solidification.

Create a layer of jelly about 1 cm high, put in the refrigerator until solidification.

With a sac a poche, insert the ham mousse into the container, leaving an empty space of about 0.5 cm. between the mousse and the container walls. Place the pickles in the mousse (if desired). Pour jelly between the container walls and the mousse.

Place in the fridge for at least 6 hours.

When serving, pass the container over a pot of boiling water for a few seconds.

Instead of the robiola cheese you can use other similar cheeses, instead of the ham you can use mortadella for a smoother flavor.

It is important to rest in a fridge between one stage and the other.

Dose for a medium plum cake container


HAM gr. 350
MARSALA WINE tablespoons 4
EGGS n. 2
PICKLES q.b.