Genoese Pesto 


As with many other regional dishes, there is no real recipe for pesto, but only ingredients that vary according to the 'chef'. The only important thing is that Basil should be categorically of the Genoa area. It is a typical plant of the area, smaller and more fragrant than the basil in the rest of Italy that otherwise tends to smell of mint. Then there are the pine nuts and some nuts. As for those who use the Parmesan cheese there, who the pecorino, who both. Someone hates garlic, but whoever makes good use. Those who do so only in the mortar, those who are afraid of global blender.
Our recipe is just as well, following the recipe of our grandfather (which, however, used the mortar). In mixer put pine nuts, garlic and start; at a later time oil, cheese and the basil washed and dried. Is a creamy pesto, unlike the one made in the mortar, which is more a paste, as with the mixer should put a little more oil. Season with salt, if necessary, until the end.

In the water, before "throwing" pasta, is often used to put  potato slices, not too thick and, sometimes, even green beans.
If not particularly creamy pesto, you can add a bit of butter or a little of the cooking water.
Lacking the Genoese basil can be remedied, contenting themselves with a little trick: bring to boil a pot of water, soak the basil and pull it straight up!