Artichoke cake on parmesan cream


Tick ​​the artichokes, remove the toughest leaves, cut into 4 pieces, remove the "beard" inside and put in acidified water with lemon juice. Cut into thin pieces and fry in a frying pan with a veal of extra virgin olive oil. Grind for a few minutes then add a glass of water and bake until tender; salt and pepper. Once cooked put some pieces aside to decorate the pie, and pass the rest in a diving mixer until you get a velvety cream that will put in a bowl. Add grated cheese, béchamel, eggs: stir well. Fill and flake the shapes for caramel creams, gresed e floured, and fill with the mixture up to about 1 cm. from the edge: Put the shovels in a large pan where you will put the water (bain-marie) and bake in a very hot oven at 180 ° for about 25 minutes until baking. Sprinkle, let cool and drizzle on parmesan cream and decorate with the pieces of artichokes previously preserved.

Parmesan cheese Melt the butter in a small pot with a thick bottom and add the flour, mix vigorously until a homogeneous cream (roux) is added, then slowly add the hot milk always stirring; add the grated cheese always stirring and a nutmeg scratch: if the cream is too dense add some milk.


ATICHOKES n. 5 cake  
GRATED CHEESE gr. 60 "  
BECHAMEL gr. 160 " link 
EGGS n. 2 "  
BUTTER gr. 60 cream  
FLOUR tablespoon 1 "  
MILK ml. 120 "  
GRATED CHEESE gr. 50 "