I am passionate about cooking, and through this blog I intend to communicate with other 'amateur cooks' to exchange recipes, tips, and why not, friendship.

In a time when journalists without newspapers, television hosts with no transmissions are recycled as gastronomic writers without knowing how you grab a frying pan or a knife and that, despite what scale the peaks of the rankings in the sales of books, you can hear a small voice like mine and / or yours!

On the home will get a monthly recipe or tips for a recipe: something that I communicate impressions, criticisms and recommendations above. Of course, every recipe has been tested by me!

Since my English is at school, I invite you to correct linguistic errors you find.


N.B.: recipes with @ are my wife Emi.




When we have more good food in the world, we will not have good literature, nor high intellect, nor friendly meetings, or social harmony.

Marie-Antoine Careme






Pears Bella Elena

Melt the chocolate in a bain-marie with a little cream. Put two balls of cream ice cream in the dish, cover with two halves of pears in syrup and pour over the melted chocolate. Decorate with mint leaves. Serve immediately.

I used canned pears but, having more time available, you can also use fresh pears and syrup them.