I am passionate about cooking, and through this blog I intend to communicate with other 'amateur cooks' to exchange recipes, tips, and why not, friendship.

In a time when journalists without newspapers, television hosts with no transmissions are recycled as gastronomic writers without knowing how you grab a frying pan or a knife and that, despite what scale the peaks of the rankings in the sales of books, you can hear a small voice like mine and / or yours!

On the home will get a monthly recipe or tips for a recipe: something that I communicate impressions, criticisms and recommendations above. Of course, every recipe has been tested by me!

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N.B.: recipes with @ are my wife Emi.




When we have more good food in the world, we will not have good literature, nor high intellect, nor friendly meetings, or social harmony.

Marie-Antoine Careme






Pears in crust with surprise 

Peel the pears, split them in half, remove the seeds with a drip creating a semi-spherical hole.

Put the pears in a pot of appropriate size, with a glass of water, a glass of white wine and sugar, bring to a boil and bake for a few minutes. Dry on a canvas and cool.

Roll a roll of puff pastry and place the pears in a spherical chocolates (make sure that the hole is deep enough).

Brush the edges of the pears with the egg white. Cover with the second roll of puff pastry; pressing slightly with your fingers, adhere the sides of the puff pastry around the pears, then engrave to separate the pears.

Model pears, make light longitudinal engravings and a leaf.

Brush the surface with the egg red; bake at 180 ° until baking of the puff pastry. Serve warm. For 8 people.

PEARS (any type, slightly hard) n. 4
EGG n. 1
SUGAR tablespoon 2